Nepal is recognized as one of the best places to go trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, and viewing the scenery. Thousands of stunning scenes, including mountains, rivers, pounds, falls, and other natural features, may be found throughout the Himalayan area. Thousands of tourists come from all over the world to see Nepal, which is currently sleeping in the lap of the Himalayans.

Nepal has a long history of glory as a trekking destination and a tourist attraction for both domestic and international visitors.

On the basis of food and lodging, we normally divide Nepalese trekking into two categories: Tea house treks
and Camping treks.

In terms of pricing, low-end guide charges might start as low as $20 per day in Nepal. A good trekking guide costs roughly $30 on average, with higher-end guides with unique language abilities costing around $50+. Porters may charge you anywhere from $15 to $18 each day, depending on your location, altitude, and route. Nepal is regarded as a low-cost destination.

It is one of the most affordable nations we have ever visited! In general, lodging is inexpensive. Autumn is regarded as Nepal's best trekking season. While springtime may bring some chilly afternoons, once the monsoon season has over, you can almost always count on sunlight and blue sky all day.

Last but not least, trekking in Nepal is generally regarded as a fairly safe pastime. Every year, over 100,000 trekkers go on the trails of the Nepal Himalaya, with just a small percentage of them experiencing difficulties during their journey.